Chilled Ark PVP Cluster Rules

LATEST WIPE: 29th April 2022 --- Maximum wipe length is 6 months, and the final month of the wipe will have no ORP active.

It is up to the player and their responsibility to understand and follow the rules below and to check them regularly as they are subject to change, at the discretion of the admin team at any time. If you are unsure whether something is allowed or not, please raise a ticket within discord and a member of the admin team will get back to you as soon as possible. We (the admin team), reserve the right to intervene in any situation where we feel things have gotten out of hand.

: These players help with anything that is related to the server and it's running. They MAY compensate for items or creatures lost during a rollback or some other server related bugs (including Wildcard hashups) However this is at their discretion screenshots, log proof, video recordings and more can and will be asked for to help prove the issue in question. Admins WILL NOT use their admin powers to help with in-game matters if it is not related to the above-mentioned reasons. If you need help with: playing the game, taming a Dino, finding a death bag, etc. ask your fellow players! If in doubt, raise a ticket on discord and we'll help or point you in the right direction. The admins are actively playing as this helps with ensuring the server is running as intended, our in game tribe is Rekruination. We will happily world pvp with people and may jump around shooting people during raids! however we are keen to refrain from taking part in raids where possible as we feel we would have an unfair advantage for us(since we may have been inside your base to help you out!) We also ask that as a lot of our time is spent on upkeeping and running the server / community that you refrain from raiding the admin tribe. Generally the admin team will give you 24 hours to resolve any issues around breaking the rules layed out below depending on the severity and any prior warnings. It is however at the admins discretion should they remove any items or structures that break these rules. Any attempts to exploit this will be taken very seriously. This IS a PVP server.... however, we do aim for a Friendly/Chilled PvP atmosphere, so please bare this in mind when playing. ALSO, just because you might not want to participate in PVP doesn't mean you won't be attacked. Please prepare yourself to be attacked at any time. We ask the community to be respectful for new players and to avoid attacking newer players without provocation but people should still be prepared to be raided! If you have foundation wiped players we ask you to give them time to rebuild before you raid them again. As ADMINS we do not wish to intervene with player politics but should you not be giving people time to rebuild we may step in. NO Interfering with Boss Fights, except for Tameable Titans on Extinction. This means attacking people unpodding dinos at obelisks or generally attacking players while they are clearly setting up for a boss fight. Your tribe’s name MUST be the same on all maps and include the same members (max of 5 players) on all maps as well. Insiding is strictly against the rules, however Admins WILL NOT intervene in player politics such as a tribe leader kicking you. We highly recommend you only join tribes with people you trust, or have a good reputation on the server. Players should choose unique names for their characters and tribes and not impersonate others. “123”, generic names and names containing unreadable characters such as # are not allowed, as well as changing the tribe name to conceal your identity. Once you chose a tribe name you must keep it that name, unless you approve it with an admin. Do not make racist or insulting names. (edited)


Resource Nodes Oil nodes and gas veins should stay unlocked. Charge nodes should be freely accessible. S+ Tek pumps should be unlocked aswell, even if they are uploading to dedicated storage theres still some resources left in them for people to freely use. Anyone not unlocking is subject to having their structure destroyed. BUILDING: Admins ask tribes to keep the number of structures to a reasonable limit, if your base is causing the server to lag then the admins are not going to be impressed. This includes spikes and foundation scattered around the maps. ORP will only be available in one location per map so CHOOSE WISELY. Admins reserve the right, at any time, to destroy any structures that are deemed to be exceeding the structure limit, although we will likely discuss this with you first. POPCORNING: We have done our best to prevent people from being able to popcorn loot. Anyone caught incinerating items or finding a way to popcorn items will be banned. If someone has expended the resources to attack your base and overwhelm your defences they deserve the loot that you have in that base. Disabled S+ Items / Features. Any S+ feature that is disabled, such as foundation stacking, has been disabled for a reason and while it may still be possible it would be considered against the rules and you will be asked to remove it and failure to do so will result in your structure being destroyed by the admin team. We’ve done our best to make sure any structure that is disabled is not accessible and they have been disabled for a reason. If you notice that an item that should be disabled is obtainable please let the admin team know so we can fix the issue. Anyone caught using items that have been removed will be subject to punishment at the admins discretion.


Defensive structures (turret towers/gates/walls/spam) should NOT extend further than 30 foundations away from the base perimeter. A base perimeter is defined by the outermost wall or gate within the confines of the enclosed area for indoor bases, or the outer perimeter wall for outdoor bases. Excessive Foundation/Wall/Gate spamming is NOT PERMITTED and is subject to admin removal. If you are unsure if your spammed area is considered excessive (it probably is) but feel free to ask an admin to check. FOBBING: Fobs for PvP can be put up, but need to be removed after the raid. ORP should not be placed on a FOB. Only one FOB is allowed per base attacked. If the defending tribe has built in a cave or an enclosed area a FOB should not prevent the defending players from exiting their base prior to or after the raid. STRICTLY NO BUILDING IN ARTIFACT CAVES, NOTE RUN BLOCKING, BUILDING IN FJORDUR BOSS CAVES OR OBS AND NO BLOCKING SPAWN POINTS. The island underwater caves with notes are okay to build in. This is the exception to blocking access to notes. This includes GENERATORS AND TELEPORTERS! Do not block any access to the surface/Aberrant zone (Aberration/Valguero). If you are found to be built in any of these spots, admin reserves the right to destroy your build. STRICTLY NO GENERATORS ARE TO BE BUILT ON SADDLES/PLATFORMS. THERE IS ACTIVE Offline Raid Protection: No damaging, stealing or moving a player’s structure, items or Dino’s, who is offline or killing an offline players’ creature within their ORP range. ORP activates 20 minutes after the last tribe member leaves the map if YOU ARE NOT BEING ATTACKED! If someone is attacking you and you leave, there is a penalty of 90 extra minutes. In this case they can continue raiding you for almost 2 hours before ORP kicks in. This rule is null if you leave your body scattered outside your base. IE: Items in/on your body can be stolen. ORP only covers 30 foundations wide, therefore, Dinos, items, structures, etc. outside of this distance are fair game. Turrets have infinite ammo when ORP is active. Please note there is no ORP on the rolling map If you have used exploits (such as meshing) to get past someone's ORP radius to a vunerable part of their base, you can expect to be banned. Use the command /setorp to set your ORP, and you can use /showorp to see the range ORP will only be active for 1 week at any given time. IF THERE IS NO ORP - IT'S FAIR GAME If you or your Dino is taken prisoner and your abductor goes offline, you can request help getting free from an admin. 

LANGUAGE: Swearing, sexual jokes, racist comments, inappropriate remarks or other language deemed in poor taste and being toxic is NOT allowed in ANY chat (in-game, voice or discord). Please note, this is an English based server, so in keeping things fair and the moderation of chat easier please keep the chat in English.


Hostages If you are captured during a raid and taken hostage the admin team will not intervene until 24 hours after the end of the raid / hostile actions or if the people holding you hostage log off. At this point we may be able to come and free you.

Alliances & Third Party Fights
In game alliances have been disabled, however player tribes can co-ordinate to take on pve content (such as bosses). Teaming with another tribe is forbidden in pvp. Open World third partying - You are allowed to third party open world encounters as long as you are actively fighting against all involved tribes evenly. If your tribe log is found to be overwhelmingly in favour of one tribe over another - this will be considered teaming. Raids third partying - You are allowed to third party raids as long as you actively make a legitimate attempt to destroy the attackers and/or defenders evenly. You are required to attempt the raid yourself if you are successful in neutralizing the original attackers. Continuously attacking - even if you are attacking all parties, without any actual attempt to destroy FOBs/Bases is forbidden.